33rd Annual Senior Olympics!

2018 Seated Registration Form 2018 Regular Registration Form Please join us for a fun-filled week of friendly competition, new friends, and socialization! No matter your athletic ability, we have an event or two for everyone! Do you use a wheelchair or a walker to get around? Not to worry! We have seated Olympic events during the same week, as well. This is an all-inclusive event for those 55 and over. If interested, please fill out either a regular or seated registration form, and mail to: Senior Citizen Resources, Inc. 3100 Devonshire Road Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Public Notice

Senior Citizen Resources, Inc., located in the Old Brooklyn area of Cleveland, which is a private non-profit corporation, intends to submit Proposal for a capital grant under the provisions of 49 USC Section 5310 of the Federal Transit Administration to provide transportation service for the elderly and disabled within the Old Brooklyn and surrounding communities. The grant application will request (2) 12 ODOT passenger Light Transit Vehicle Wide Body equipped with a wheelchair lift and two wheelchair positions. It is projected that 350 elderly and disabled clients will use the service, 5 days per week for shopping, medical appointments, and social activities. Senior Citizen Resources, Inc. invites comments and proposals from all interested public, private, and paratransit operations including taxi operations for the coordination of transportation service to the elderly and disabled within our service area. Operators who are interested in offering proposals to provide service and coordinate services should contact Liz Kilroy Hernandez, Executive Director of Senior Citizen Resources, 3100 Devonshire Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109 to obtain full details of the type of transportation services that are needed prior to preparing a proposal. Written comments or proposals must be submitted within 30 days to the agency at the above address with a copy to the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, 1299 Superior Ave. E, Cleveland, OH 44114; Attention: Jim Thompson re: Section 5310.

Annual Gift Drive

annual-drive-gift-form SCR's mission: To promote independent living and quality of life for our community's seniors through caring, compassion and collaboration. We are celebrating 45 years of touching hearts and improving the lives of Old Brooklyn's seniors citizens. SCR strives to keep adults 60+ independent and healthy by providing congregate meals, opportunities for volunteerism, transportation services, Home Delivered Meals and activities. With the support from various funders and generous donations from people like you, SCR is able to assist seniors in need. With the holidays upon us and the spirit of giving in your hearts, please consider donating to the worthy, important mission of Senior Citizen Resources. Your support is much appreciated. Happy Holidays from all of us to you!